There will likely be a 4.7% rise in revenue from tourism companies in Spain in 2023 compared to 2019 before the onset of the pandemic, according to industry group Exceltur.

Hotels, resorts and transport businesses, amongst others, have forecast improved combined sales than pre-pandemic, despite ongoing uncertainty over inflation and the war in Ukraine.

“The picture is hopeful,” said Exceltur Vice President Jose Luis Zoreda during a press conference.

“It seems that the desire to travel has prevailed, and some firms are telling us that consumers would rather stop buying a shirt or an appliance than stop travelling,” he added.

In addition, Exceltur said the forecast for this year was founded on a survey of around 2,000 businesses up until 5th January, Reuters news agency reports.

Despite a rally last year following two years of contraction due to the Covid travel curbs, overall revenue from tourism businesses in Spain remained 2.1% under levels registered in 2019, the industry group went on to add.

Moreover, the recovery in Spain’s tourism sector varied in 2022. Whilst holiday hotel revenue rose 7% from pre-Covid levels, transport firms’ revenue was down 5% compared to 2019.

On average, tourism companies hiked prices by 6.6% in 2022, although they reported reduced margins as a result of soaring energy costs and wage increases, according to the findings from the survey.

The tourism industry in Spain has reported a rise in the number of visitors arriving from Mexico and central Europe.

In addition, tourism companies forecast the full return of tourists from the UK and the United States will boost Spain’s recovery, not counting the return of visitors from Asia.

Should this forecast be accurate, the tourism industry would represent around 12.2% of the country’s GDP. Yet this would be a decline from the 2019 figure of 12.6%.

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